Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mother's Day

What is your mother getting for Mother's Day? Have you got to the point where you just hate to shop for your mom, because you don't know what to get her anymore? What do you get someone that has "everything"? Why not a embroidered hand made item? There are lots of gifts to choose from. Does mom like to cook? There are aprons and dish towels to choose from. Does mom like to garden? There are hand towels with gardening themes. Does mom like to hunt or fish? There are deer and fish designs that can be placed on tote bags, purses, etc. There's something for every mom. Any design can be put on an item of your choice.Moms love personalized items, that no one has one like. This year design mom's gift yourself. Mom will be so happy with her gift, because it will have come from the heart.

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